Using Gmail Domain

Using Gmail Domain

Using email services provided by hosting providers is usually not a very satisfying experience, so try using Gmail domain. Email is not something which hosting providers focus on, which means their email services are very basic and are not accessible from every device. Anyone running a business website, or even a personal website, who uses their domain’s email address, needs to have proper access to their emails.

Gmail is known for its great services and accessibility. You can check your email easily through almost any internet connected device. It is intuitive to use and allows you to quickly organize your inbox and manage your email. All these and more features make people wish they could simply use Gmail instead of their own email service.



Well, wait no more, because we are going to tell you exactly how to do that. Google knows the importance of email for business owners and thus has included an option in Gmail to use it on any domain you own.

You will be able to access all emails sent to your domain email address while accessing it through Gmail. You will also be able to use the same email address through Gmail apps. The process to enable Gmail on your domain is simple; you will be up and running in no time. Do note that you will need admin access to your domain. If you do not have administrative access, you need to talk to someone who does. If you are unsure about how to access your domain, simply contact the customer services department of your hosting provider to see how you can get admin access.

Here’s an easy step by step guide to do so. All you need to do is have knowledge about admin access to your domain. Even if you do not know how to change things on your domain, you can simply contact your hosting provider.

Before beginning, you need to register for own your own domain!

If you don’t have one, you can get one now from just $.99/year by clicking here

Step 1: Create a Google Apps Account

The first step is to visit the Google Apps page and create an account. This is very different from your Gmail address. The Google Apps account is used to use Google Apps on your own domains and Gmail is one of the apps available.  Once you click the ‘Get Started’ button, you will be presented with the following screen.

Simply fill in the information on the right and click next to go to the next step.

Step 2: Enter basic information about your domain

Next, you will be asked about what domain you are using. If you want to purchase a domain first, choose the purchasing option.

If you already have your own domain, then click on the “Use a domain I have already purchased” option. You will be asked to enter your domain then. Simply enter the domain you own in the text box below and press Next. Make sure you enter the domain information correctly.

Step 3: Finish creating Google Apps Account

This is the final step to creating your Google Apps account. Enter the email address you use at work and then enter the password you want to set. Note that this is the password of your Google Apps account, not the password of the email account you will be using. Enter the generated code and then click on “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions”, then click Agree and Sign Up.

Once you click Accept and sign up, you will be taken to the next screen. Here, you will be asked to add information about the other people on your domain. This is a very useful tool if you want to add a lot of people at once. If you don’t, then you can simply skip this for now.

Step 4: Verify that you own the domain

In order to use Gmail for your domain, first you need to verify that you own the domain. Otherwise, anyone would be able to use any domain for their email and that would be too chaotic.  Once you are done with adding more people, you will be provided the following verification screen:

Note that the above will be our last screenshot. Every domain host has their own panel design, which means any screenshot we post will only be true for our host. Thus, in order to minimize confusion, we will simply be explaining what you need to do no matter which host you are using.

First, you need to figure out the verification method. The default method is adding a Meta tag to your homepage. So if you own, simply enter the given Meta tag into your home page’s coding. This is an extremely easy way to verify your domain. Simply add a Meta tag in the coding and you are good. There are many other methods available as well.

If you know which method works for your domain then proceed, otherwise contact your hosting provider or web administrator for advice. Once you choose the verification method, you will be taken through the process step by step. It is very simple and easy to understand. Once verification is complete, there is only one step remaining.

Step 5: Change your domain’s MX records

The final step is to add MX records into your domain. MX records (Mail eXchange) tell the servers where to send the email. If someone sends an email to your domain then your domain will forward it to the mail server. If you want to use Gmail, you will have to change the MX record value to the ones provided by Google.

Once again, this is a very easy thing to do. Almost every internet hosting provider will allow you to change the MX records with a few clicks, through their panel. Once you have updated the MX records, you will be done. You will now be able to check the emails which come in on your domain email address simply by logging into Gmail. You can also use the same email on your phone and anywhere else that it is needed. You also get spam protection and other features that come with any Gmail account.


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