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Best Gmail Features features : Gmail one of the popular and widely used free email service used by billion people every day. Gmail became part in everyone’s life. Gmail is the short form of Google Mail and Google has many products of its own. In order to use every google product, you need a Google address, that is Gmail. All these requirements made become a part of everyone’s life. If you are an Android smartphone user, then you need a Gmail account to access play store. This way Gmail has much priority and became mandatory for few things.

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Google mail has so many interesting features that’s what makes people use Gmail over other free email services. Let’s have a look features. Features has so many interesting features let’s have a look at Features one by one
Gmail lets you send unlimited emails for free. There are no character limits in an email. You can add attachments directly to the email with one click
  • You can personalize Gmail as per your choice. you can change the themes in a way you like
  • Gmail lets you extend its feature by using add-ons. This feature isn’t available in many free email service. Only Gmail lets you integrate custom add-ons.
  • By default, you can add signature without depending on any third party add. In setting, you’ll find a section to add the signature.
  • One Gmail is enough to access all Gmail products. This is the best thing.
  • Gmail is highly secured and follows End to End encryption. Which means, your emails are highly secured.
  • Apparently, it is highly complex to hack Gmail. Google mail is highly protected. In case if someone tries to hack he’ll stuck at security questions, verification formalities and you will also get notified. you’ll get update in a detailed manner.

Gmail Features

  • Gmail policies are quite user-friendly and Gmail is quite easier to use.
  • No matter what, you’ll not see advertisements in Gmail. Other free email service provides display ads over their mail service. Google never do that.
  • Gmail is smart and identifies spam messages, and takes spam messages directly to the spam folder instead of sending them to inbox.
  • Gmail has one more interesting feature that is labels. labels are nothing but categories. you can categorize emails using labels. In daily life we get hundred mails from office, home, friends and relatives. Organizing them is a difficult task. But if you use Labels, it is easier to organize and reply them in time. Labels are the creative feature in Gmail.
  • In case if you delete some mail, it’ll be in trash for 30 days. In case if you need that email within 30 days, you can revert it back. Other email service providers lacks this feature.
  • For highly important mails you can put them in starred category. Whenever i get a important mail, whenever i get some important data, i will add them to starred. This way you can easily find the important data.
  • Gmail also has a search bar, where you can search previous emails. If you want a email which you recieved few years ago, you can find that out with the help of search bar in Gmail.

Gmail Applications

Gmail lets you access plenty of google products for free. Among them, few best products are listed below.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free cloud storage provided by Google and it is accessible through your Google mail that is nothing but Gmail. Gmail and Google Drive combinedly has 15GB free storage, which stores your mails and also stores the data such media files and other application files. If you think 15GB isn’t sufficient then you upgrade to premium where you’ll get 100GB data to unlimited data depending upon the plan you choose.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is nothing but a cross platform which lets you chat with other Gmail users. You can chat, make video calls with fellow Gmail users and even you can organize group meetings, screen sharing things using Gmail.

Google Plus

It is a social networking site, which is accessible only with Google mail i.e., Gmail. Google+ is a social networking site by Google, which is alternative of Facebook. In Google Plus, you can do each and everything that you do on Facebook. However Google+ is not popular as Facebook, not widely used as Facebook, however, it has the consistent number of users and all of them are Gmail users.

 Google Docs

Google Docs is one more innovative step by Google. You can create documents, spreadsheets online directly with the help of Google mail. It’s a beautiful feature.


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