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How to Create Gmail Account

Create Gmail Account – Www.Gmail.com

Gmail is one of the best free Emailing services which is use by millions of people in the world. It is the most popular and common sites that are provided by Google. Everyone nowadays has a Gmail account because it is very popular and easy to use. It has a memory space up to 15 GB. Gmail enables you to send emails, files, documents, letters, images and many others for free entirely.

According to the developments of generation to generation so nowadays sending a letter through the post office is no longer a trend although it is still very useful for sending letters and for an official purpose. Gmail is very common because it is the fastest way to send and receives millions of emails that contain small or large size such as your documents, files, photos, etc. Gmail is very popular due to its easy user interface as well as it is very suitable and useful for every official used.

How to Create Gmail Account Step by Step:

You can easily create gmail account by following steps below. Gmail account can be created by devices such as your PC or Mobiles and Tablets.

  • Tab on the Google Chrome and type “Google.com” search it.
  • You will get the “Gmail Sign Up” option in the Google.com search engine, and then you need to search for the site.
  • Now you will be ask to fill up your complete details you can give your original name since it is safe and secure not like those other social networking sites.
  • You would have to provide your name, surname, username and create a password that is simple and easy. Make sure you do not forget your passwords because it is very important to fill up any kinds of forms, documents, official works, etc.
  • You can now click on the review of Google terms and policy and proceed to check box.
  • This specific step will enable you to recover your lost passwords. So in case, you lost your passwords or anything you don’t need to panic as now you can simply recover it easily.
  • Now you can simply open the Gmail account in your devices and start using it.
  • You will be delighte knowing how useful is having Gmail account in everyone life.

Features of Gmail account:

It is due to its cool features why the Gmail account is popular for all the people all across the world. Gmail account is require for logging to any websites such as apps, games, online shopping websites, official use, and many others. So checkout various features of Gmail account that is given below:

  • Fastest ways of connecting with peoples from all over the world: It is through Gmail that you can connect far away from people by sending and receiving letters, files, documents, mails, images, and many others important works easily and instantly through this free Emailing services for free absolutely.
  • Filters: Filter is one of the best features in Gmail that enables you to see which mail is already read and unread so it is very easy to find out which mails have you skip without opening it. So it is a filter that enables you to discover mails in many different ways as well as it helps to sort out your mails easily.
  • Priority Inbox: Priority Inbox is the latest feature in Gmail account. It is very headache and confusing when you have lots of inboxes and mess-up with the important messages so it through Priority inbox that enables you to find out which messages are important and which messages you should thrash it. So isn’t it cool? I feel that it’s a very cool feature.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Several devices such as Mac, OS, Windows operating systems and several other devices have their own keyboard shortcuts and so does Gmail login account do. It is through keyboard shortcuts that enable you to access to your mail quickly in case of any emergency.
  • Hidden Symbols for Filtering:    This is one of the safeties’ ways of keeping your mail account safe and secure. You must have notice that whenever you log in to any mail the password is shown with dots. So through the help of this feature that protects your safeties.
  • Mute conversation: when you are serious with your works and concentrating, the pop-up messages can often be very disturbing so Gmail has the functions of mute conversation through which you can start a conversation to receive and send messages without any kinds of sound.
  • Multiple accounts for granting access: If you ever have a Gmail account that is personally relate to business purposes than Gmail account will smoothly grant you access to your own Gmail account without requiring to log out of your own account.
  • Advanced search and operator: If you have already used Gmail account since long back then by now you’re surely start loving the special feature of advance search and Operator through which you can receive any kinds of mails with attachments.
  • Empty messages without prompt: So through the help of this Gmail login account you can even send short important messages when you are in a hurry or rush. Simply type few important words in the subject and press the send buttons and the receiver will receive your messages within a short time.
  • Conversation from Gmail: Gmail account also enables you to connect with your friend and family by providing a small messenger called Google Hangouts through which you can send and receive tons of messages without any complications. So now you can simply chat through the create Gmail account without needed to go in any other applications for chatting with your friends and family.


So these are the easiest and simplest process for create gmail account. For everyone having a Gmail account is very important whether you are a student or a corporate worker.  Earlier sending a letter through the post was a trend but now through the help of this Gmail account, you can easily send all the important letters, mails, files, documents, images and many other important things.

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