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Create Gmail Account in Android Mobile Phones

Create Gmail Account in Android Mobile Phones

This day emails are very important to every one of us let it be for official use or personal use. Nowadays many notifications come through emails most of the time as now it is an era of technology. But there are many email services on the web these days like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. This all email service gives many features for which people are using this email services. But the main thing is which is the best one? If we come on the best one, then there is nothing better than Google product that is Gmail. Yes, Gmail is one of the best email services till date and most people prefer to use Gmail other than using other email services like Hotmail, etc. Here below are the steps that will help you to create Gmail account in Android phone easily.

Now for using Gmail email service the first and the main thing is to create an email account in Gmail. It is very easy to create Gmail account through PC because in PC it is very clear just you need to go to their official site and then give your information in their respective boxes and then simply create an account within a minute. But if it comes to create Gmail account in Android mobile then it is something different because the whole steps will be different here. So having a problem to create Gmail account in Android mobile? Don’t worry here you will have a perfect guide of how to create Gmail account in Android Mobile.

Create Gmail Account in Android Mobile

Here below are the steps that will help you to create Gmail account with your android phone easily. Yes, the steps are easy enough, don’t worry you will easily follow it Because Google has also looked upon making the steps easy for creating Gmail account for all the Android phone or tablet users as Android is also a product of Google

First, You will have to install Gmail genuine apps on your Android phone to create Gmail account easily. So go to Google Play Store and then search for Gmail in the search box. Now click on the install button and then get the app successfully installed on your Android phone.

Now click on the app and open it after installing it on your Android phone.

Click on the “Menu” button which is symbolized by three strips on the justify corner of the screen. On clicking on it, you will see menu popping out from the corner of your mobile screen.

In the Pop-out menu click on the drop down option like shown in the image below.

Click on the “+Add account” and then you will see a pop up on your screen. Now click on the “Google” that is the first option. This will take you to a new window.

Now if you don’t have any then click on the “New” button.

After clicking on the “New” button you will again go to the new window and now you will have to give your name. Both your “First Name” and “Last Name” and click on the next button which is symbolized as “right arrow”

Now give your username that is your email name. remember this is very important because if you forget it then you will not be able to login to your email account.

It will take you some time for loading. After some time you will have password box on your Android phone screen. So give your password and then re-type it in the box below and then click on the next button.

Now set up a recovery option. If you want then you can click on “Set up recovery options” or if you don’t want any recovery then simply click on “Not now” option.

The steps are almost to finish. Here in this new window, you will need to accept the terms and condition of Google. So click on the “I accept” button.

Now this will take you some time to set up your new Gmail account. And after some time you will have your email on your mobile.

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