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Close Hotmail Account

Close Hotmail Account

Maybe now you’re bored, or in some cases someone has stole your account or you don´t  want to have so many emails, whatever the reason, we’ll teach how to close a Hotmail.com account.

If you are looking for this tutorial is for one reason, you tried to leave the account but don´t  have effect, because is you don´t open for more than 90 days, however, the only thing that we have is only suspend the account, because after this time on 90 days, and we following an any protocol we can also become to restore the account.
Our technical team was created this tutorial to give you all the steps to close down that Hotmail account.

The first thing we do is log on to our Hotmail account, after that we must go to the part where our look your name (upper right), there we will see that when you click a menu shortcut, then we click on the option “Account ” after that we must open the new window and then click on option ” Close Account “.

We will see many options, one of them say warning that an also it impending close of the account and the consequence is loss an important information for example emails, messages, contacts and other relevant information, schedules, as attachments, appointments, folders, etc..

Once that we are sure that we eliminate forever the account, we will click on the option “Close my Hotmail account”

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