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Arcor Login

Arcor is an Internet portal that offers an e-mail service in addition to various services . This is one of the most popular in Germany and is often used. Arcor offers a free e-mail package. Various additional services can be booked for a fee.

Part of the free e-mail package is, among other things, a 1500 MB total storage space for e-mails and other data such as photos and videos. The user of the e-mail service can set up up to 15 own e-mail addresses after the registration . Security on the Web is ensured by professional spam filters and virus scanners , which were particularly well received during tests. For example, they were awarded by Stiftung Warentest, Computer Bild and Chip Online. These also praise the clear design of the mailbox and the user-friendliness of the site.

In addition to the services listed, Arcor also offers an SMS dispatch or notification when a new e-mail arrives. Mobile access to the e-mail account is also possible. All you need is an internet-enabled mobile phone. Furthermore, Arcor can create personal photo albums, video albums, e-cards and real postcards . As an additional service 50 MB are available for the own homepage.

Before you can use the free e-mail service from Arcor , a registration is necessary. For this purpose, a form is available on the online portal, which only has to be completed. To do this, Arcor requires an individual password that can not match either its own name or its online username and must be at least 6 characters long. The latter can be chosen arbitrarily and ends in each case on “@ arcor.de”. He may not contain uppercase letters. Arcor requires a password retry to make the registration safer. It is also possible to set up a security question, which helps to forget the password. After two more steps, the registration is completed successfully.

From now on, users can log in to Arcor anytime, anywhere with their personal online username and password . All you have to do is fill in the ready-made fields “Online Username” and “Online Password” on the homepage of the Internet portal and then access the personal mailbox securely and conveniently. This is also possible with extra secure SSL encryption . It is also possible to access the mailbox on the move, requiring only an internet-enabled mobile phone.

Forgot your password?

The mail account is an important tool that is used every day. It becomes problematic if the log-in fails because, for example, the password has been forgotten . Now it is important to stay calm and to use the existing possibilities.

Procedure to request a new password

If the password was entered incorrectly with Arcor, comes an info box with the remark that the registered data is not correct. If the repeated attempt of different entries does not work, you should click on the button ” Have you forgotten your online password? “Be clicked. There are now various options that are offered.

Everybody can get a new password via e-mail . For this another mail account, outside of Arcor, is needed. It is important that another email address has already been deposited with Arcor, for example when registering. If this is not possible, the possibility can be used to get a new password sent by post . For this purpose, a postal address must be deposited in advance. The third option is to enter the correct answer by means of a preset password question with the appropriate solution, in order to specify a new password.

If all the listed variants are not suitable, a new password can be requested by phone . (The phone number: 018 10 70 010 / from 06:00 bis 22:00 clock, 14 cents / min. From the German landline /) If all efforts fail, the customer service should be consulted. The nice staff will work with you to find a solution to the problem.

Set options for password help in the Arcor account

In order to protect the account from fraudsters, certain protection measures should be taken in the mail account. After logging in, click on the blue tab ” Services ” above . Then, in the line below, the button ” My data ” is selected. If the password management is clicked here , for example, the password question can be set with a corresponding individual answer.

How to Change The Arcor Login Password

To ensure the security of your password, it should be changed regularly . Ideal is when upper, lower case, and numbers are combined. Names, dates of birth and the like should not be chosen because these combinations are easily guessed.

Step-by-step instructions for changing Arcor Login password

  1. First, you should log in to the mail account on the Arcor start page .
  2. Then the welcome page appears.
  3. Now click on the blue tab ” Services ” in the upper bar .
  4. Then, after loading the page, click on ” My Data ” in the line below on the right . Now a list of different possibilities appears.
  5. The first selection named ” Password Management ” will be clicked on.
  6. Now a page appears on which the password can be changed. To do this, the existing password must first be entered. In the line below the new secret word is entered. For confirmation, it is entered again in a line below.
  7. To confirm the new password, click on the ” Save ” button . Now you have created your new password.

Delete Arcor Login Account

For this you have to login to the Arcor Web Administrator interface with his access data (www.Arcor.de). The access data you got sometime in advance once by mail. Next you navigate in the left navigation button to the menu item “Create new e-mail address”. You can get there using the buttons “E-Mail & SMS” – “Settings” – “Addresses” – “Create new e-mail address”.

There you can not only create your email addresses, but completely manage them. So set up new aliases, rename, set the default email address, edit signatures and also delete aliases . In order to get to the delete entry, the tab “My E-Mail Addresses” must be activated. There you will find under the item “alias type” the blue hyperlink ” delete “. Self-created aliases can be deleted at any time. The e-mail address created by Arcor, however, can not be deleted because it is necessary for the identification of their account.

How To Setup Aafutoresponders in Arcor Mail Login

Autoresponder is a very useful and efficient tool for email accounts. While different mail providers offer different functions, all autoresponders have a common function: If an e-mail is sent to the e-mail address that has installed the autoresponder, responder automatically responds (hence the prefix “auto”). ) with a previously entered answer. This not only saves time, but also money, as companies save staff. The autoresponder is also worthwhile for private persons. For example, if you are on vacation, you can quickly inform your friends and acquaintances that you are currently not available.

Arcor Mail the Autoresponder is furnished within few mouse clicks. The program is opened by clicking on the following buttons one after the other: E-Mail & SMS -> Settings -> Filter settings -> Autoresponder. Afterwards a text window opens, where you can enter your message under a subject. In addition, it can be determined which of the mail addresses will be provided with the autoresponder, provided that several addresses have been registered with Arcor. Furthermore, the period in which the autoresponder should be active, set.

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