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Create Outlook account

Create Outlook account

Having downloaded it, we only have to open that app, if it is the first time you are opening the app, you must follow the first inductive steps that are from the “Introduction“; then after overcoming this, just go to Settings —- Add account —- Add email account.

Now you only have to write your email account; remembering that it can be your Microsoft account; educational account; professional account. After this you just have to click “Continue” to enter your password and finally click on “Login / Next“.

Finally it is only necessary to configure and synchronize the activities that you wish, as well as own configurations of the mail with the mobile that you must activate or deactivate the permissions.

NOTE: If attempting to enter the user / email; you are prompted by the “email provider”; Then you must make an IMAP or POP account setup.

How to know if it is IMAP or POP?

Easy, if the mobile e-mail application allows you to configure the “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” account, then it will be an IMAP type configuration:

⦁ You enter the Exchange option
⦁ You choose your name / mail and your password.
⦁ Choose the server; example: m.hotmail.com
⦁ Select the “use secure connection”
⦁ Now disable the “accept all SSL certificates”

Otherwise, then the configuration of mail that you will do, will be POP type:

⦁ User name, as follows ⦁ [email protected]
⦁ Enter the password you want to have.
⦁ POP3 Server: pop3.live.com
⦁ Port: 995
⦁ Security type: SSL / TLS. Click and activate the “accept all SSL certificates”
⦁ SMTP server: smtp.live.com
⦁ Port: 587
⦁ Security type: none
⦁ Request to log in: keep in “deactivated”

As you will see are some more steps but with this tutorial is much simpler, however it is valid to remember that these last two types of configurations are mostly the cases for very low-tech phones; or at least not for the most current devices.

Gmail Features – www.Gmail.com

Best Gmail Features

www.Gmail.com features : Gmail one of the popular and widely used free email service used by billion people every day. Gmail became part in everyone’s life. Gmail is the short form of Google Mail and Google has many products of its own. In order to use every google product, you need a Google address, that is Gmail. All these requirements made www.Gmail.com become a part of everyone’s life. If you are an Android smartphone user, then you need a Gmail account to access play store. This way Gmail has much priority and became mandatory for few things.

  • If you are looking to Create a new Gmail Account Follow This Link for Gmail Sign Up

Google mail has so many interesting features that’s what makes people use Gmail over other free email services. Let’s have a look gmail.com features.

www.Gmail.com Features

Gmail.com has so many interesting features let’s have a look at www.Gmail.com Features one by one
Gmail lets you send unlimited emails for free. There are no character limits in an email. You can add attachments directly to the email with one click
  • You can personalize Gmail as per your choice. you can change the themes in a way you like
  • Gmail lets you extend its feature by using add-ons. This feature isn’t available in many free email service. Only Gmail lets you integrate custom add-ons.
  • By default, you can add signature without depending on any third party add. In setting, you’ll find a section to add the signature.
  • One Gmail is enough to access all Gmail products. This is the best thing.
  • Gmail is highly secured and follows End to End encryption. Which means, your emails are highly secured.
  • Apparently, it is highly complex to hack Gmail. Google mail is highly protected. In case if someone tries to hack he’ll stuck at security questions, verification formalities and you will also get notified. you’ll get update in a detailed manner.

Gmail Features

  • Gmail policies are quite user-friendly and Gmail is quite easier to use.
  • No matter what, you’ll not see advertisements in Gmail. Other free email service provides display ads over their mail service. Google never do that.
  • Gmail is smart and identifies spam messages, and takes spam messages directly to the spam folder instead of sending them to inbox.
  • Gmail has one more interesting feature that is labels. labels are nothing but categories. you can categorize emails using labels. In daily life we get hundred mails from office, home, friends and relatives. Organizing them is a difficult task. But if you use Labels, it is easier to organize and reply them in time. Labels are the creative feature in Gmail.
  • In case if you delete some mail, it’ll be in trash for 30 days. In case if you need that email within 30 days, you can revert it back. Other email service providers lacks this feature.
  • For highly important mails you can put them in starred category. Whenever i get a important mail, whenever i get some important data, i will add them to starred. This way you can easily find the important data.
  • Gmail also has a search bar, where you can search previous emails. If you want a email which you recieved few years ago, you can find that out with the help of search bar in Gmail.

Gmail Applications

Gmail lets you access plenty of google products for free. Among them, few best products are listed below.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free cloud storage provided by Google and it is accessible through your Google mail that is nothing but Gmail. Gmail and Google Drive combinedly has 15GB free storage, which stores your mails and also stores the data such media files and other application files. If you think 15GB isn’t sufficient then you upgrade to premium where you’ll get 100GB data to unlimited data depending upon the plan you choose.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is nothing but a cross platform which lets you chat with other Gmail users. You can chat, make video calls with fellow Gmail users and even you can organize group meetings, screen sharing things using Gmail.

Google Plus

It is a social networking site, which is accessible only with Google mail i.e., Gmail. Google+ is a social networking site by Google, which is alternative of Facebook. In Google Plus, you can do each and everything that you do on Facebook. However Google+ is not popular as Facebook, not widely used as Facebook, however, it has the consistent number of users and all of them are Gmail users.

 Google Docs

Google Docs is one more innovative step by Google. You can create documents, spreadsheets online directly with the help of Google mail. It’s a beautiful feature.

Hotmail vs other email services

Hotmail vs other email services

Hotmail is the pioneering web based email service that was launched in the nineties at a time when free email service was a novelty. It helped transform the idea of email communication and freed it from the shackles of ISP providers who used to provide an email service along with internet usage that was charged for a fee.

Hotmail vs other email services

Hotmail was then acquired by Microsoft and it went through several stages of transformation and integration under the Microsoft. Today, Hotmail is considered as part of the Outlook or Live mail service that Microsoft provides. It is a unified account platform for all the different users and services of Microsoft.

Comparing Gmail and Hotmail

Here are some points that showcase the differences between the two email services, Gmail and Hotmail:

  • Hotmail was launched in the nineties while Gmail was a free email service launched by Google much later, in the new millennium.
  • Hotmail was launched at a time when web based free email service was a novelty while Gmail came along when Hotmail and other services like Yahoo were already established.
  • Gmail came along with several advanced features such as availability on the web as well as through mobile apps. It also offered free storage capacity that was higher than what was offered by competitive email services like Hotmail.
  • Security features were higher with Gmail as the mail servers of this service scan emails to filter out malware and spam as well as filter ads as per their context before they are allowed to reach the inbox of users.

The above features and many more made Gmail a more innovative service as compared to the older Hotmail. However, Hotmail today, as an integrated part of Microsoft Outlook, offers similar as well as other innovative features and advanced security features as well.

Comparing AOL and Hotmail

Here are some salient points of comparisons between Hotmail and AOL:

  • AOL, also known as America Online was formed in the mid nineties and was a web portal as well as a service that was offered by ISP providers. In the context of lineage, this service is older than the web based Hotmail service that was launched a few years later.
  • AOL was part of a dial up service offered by ISPs to American computer users, which then moved to a web-based service and offered instant messaging options as well. Hotmail on the other hand, was introduced as a free web based email service that remained so and got new features added like instant messaging when it was made part of MSN.
  • AOL was a subscription service mainly for Americans while Hotmail was an email service that was free for use by anyone across the world.

Comparing GMX and Hotmail

The salient features between Hotmail and GMX are showcased below:

  • GMX was launched as a free email service by Global Mail Exchange, Germany around the same time when Hotmail was launched as a similar service free for use across the world.
  • GMX was available through the web portal as well as through IMAP4 and POP3 protocols while Hotmail was a web based service.
  • GMX is an email service that still remains today, supported by pop up ads while Hotmail has undergone much integration over the years after it was acquired by Microsoft. Today it does not have a separate domain and is integrated with Outlook email service of Microsoft.

Comparing Yahoo and Hotmail

Here are some key points to note between Yahoo and Hotmail services:

  • Yahoo was introduced before or around the same time when Hotmail was launched; the entrepreneurs of both services were based out of the silicon valley of California.
  • Yahoo mail was only part of the web service launched by Verizon communications that also included a search engine service, Yahoo directory, news, finance, groups and other services. Hotmail on the other hand, was a purely web based email service at the time when it was launched. Later it became part of the MSN range of offerings by Microsoft that included other services as well.
  • Yahoo had a popular presence in the nineties and early part of the new millennium; Hotmail was later integrated with Microsoft and today it does not have a separate existence but is part of the Outlook web email service of Microsoft.

Comparing Inbox and Hotmail

With the launch of Inbox by Gmail, this is a new email service to compare with Hotmail:

  • The inbox is a subscription only service that was launched recently by Google in 2015. Hotmail on the other hand, has undergone several changes and today it is part of Outlook email service by Microsoft.
  • Inbox offers a different kind of email experience as the inbox outlay changes and the way one can arrange and organize their emails. Hotmail also has innovative features on offer through the newly integrated email platform called Outlook by Microsoft.

The above points showcase how Hotmail compares with the different email services that are out there. Hotmail has changed over the years after its acquisition by Microsoft. Today it has better security and modern inbox features and mail integration options. However, it has lost its separate identity and comes under Outlook or Live domain of Microsoft.

Delete Gmail Account

Delete gmail account

Delete Gmail Login Account

Flashback to 90s, what do you see? Email services like Hotmail, Yahoo and the faddish list of email services just goes on.
Things were pretty easy back then and you wouldn’t have to care much to avoid any uncertain activities circulating in your email accounts. It was perhaps because hackers weren’t too cunning and the internet was all fresh and new.
However, if you now take a look on things – you realize that wild minds are in here, everywhere – whether it’s a virtual world or a realistic one.

Gmail has registered over a billion of users in the recent few years. No wonder Gmail rivalries stay up to the top, and attempt hard to showcase Gmail’s drawbacks to reduce Gmail users.
Various hacking attempts can be made to defame Gmail, that will both infect the Gmail itself and as well as its users.

Therefore, it’s suggested that users should stay a lot careful when using Gmail accounts and if they ever come across a need of eliminating their Gmail account, don’t just simply delete it but consider these following points first:

Your deleting of Google account won’t affect other Google Services

Perks of creating a Gmail account are limitless: Getting an instant access to YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs and what not. While you decide to eliminate your account, remember that this won’t affect the other services.

The other services of Google that comes along with Gmail account will stay that way, so while you do that – won’t you like to remove the videos or other stuff uploaded by that Gmail account of yours first? Contemplating on that will only benefit you.

Google Play purchases won’t be affected

Google Play is one of the major services that come along when you create a Gmail account. Google Play allows you to purchase through it and facilitate you in many ways, so while you delete your Gmail account, know that a service like this will remain intact.

Consider downloading your Gmail data

In case you didn’t install any app to keep a track of your data, you’d like to download all this data so it just doesn’t fade away completely. This is one of the crucial steps you’d want to perform before deleting your account because if in future there ever strikes a need of fetching out one of those data you shared through your Gmail account, you can do it easily.

Delete your account!

Finally delete you account!

Receive larger attachments on Gmail

Previously it was noted that Gmail only allowed smaller attachments, less than 50MB. But recently, an announcement has been made, where Google stated, “From 1st March 2017 onwards Gmail will permit larger attachments reaching up to 50MB.” This is a great advantage to all the Gmail users out there and it will add up to their favor in many ways.


What GMail.com Offers

  • Previously it wasn’t possible to undo a sent email but tech platforms have always known how it is one of the most needed features for users and so Gmail has come up with it.
  • Gmail now gives you a facility to undo your accidental email and remove it once and for all. But, this is only possible when you’re using an iOS device.
  • iOS device comes up with an iOS app, allowing you to recheck your most recently sent email. It pops up a window, and gives you an opportunity to have a look on the most recent email you’ve done.
  • The popup disappears pretty quickly though, so you would have to work a bit faster on that if you want to recheck and undo that email.
  • Google is working on to bring the same feature on Android devices and PCs as well. But for now, it’s only available for iOS devices.
  • Backup Gmail account data with free external apps
  • If you’re one of the many people using Gmail account, you must be aware of the importance of keeping a track of your data stored in Gmail account.
  • Thinking about a back up of your data that circulates in your Gmail account shouldn’t be your second thought, but you should do it right away.
  • Hackers can sneak in and mess everything up and if not them, it could be multiple malware attacks too that can do infect your Gmail account’s data i.e. DDOS attacks and similar other viruses.
  • UpSafe is a simple and free Windows program that creates a virtual back up in a form of hard drive and stores your Gmail data there. Also, it automatically backs up your future Gmail activity and this is how it looks in action


Recover Deleted Emails Of Hotmail

In some cases we delete accidentally an emails in Hotmail, and we can recover it, this function in hotmail is one of that are sought among users of Microsoft’s service.

The idea when you delete a message and also it is permanently removed from Microsoft servers is common in our life, but there is a tutorial for retrieval in the case that the email has been removed in error, but if it has been steal by an evil people, however it is most recommended to be notified what happened during the first twenty-four hours after it happened.

Always we remember that remove is not the same as a purge, as happens in the Windows operating system, when we remove a file or folder they travel to the Recycle where we have the option to recover or purge to empty this directory .

The same method applies in Hotmail where messages are sent in advance to a virtual recycle trash and also which should be stored only one time before this self-emptying.

We also have the option to empty the trash manually in Hotmail.com and also you can eliminate fully all of the emails.

However, as mentioned a mistake could be can happen, for example:

We could be eliminate an email very taught, a family or work

Also our account has been hacked by identity theft

We have deleted the post on purpose

Or someone made a bad thing and we dropped an email.

If you like retrieve the email we can use the Hotmail service, although it is useful if you  do this task during the first twenty-four hours after the post was deleted, because it is a good time to recover the file again after the last time is not guaranteed return to retrieve the file delete.

To retrieve a deleted mail from Hotmail we have to going to www.windowslivehelp.com and select the option someone stole my account, the trouble is that we change the password.

Another way to configure the mail in a mail client, is in the option settings, the menu not remove mails from the server, this will make the old messages stored on the server to download the mail client.
We leave you a video tutorial

Free Hotmail Hosting

Free Hotmail Hosting

Many times we need some kind of hosting on the web, for example to sharing  file of your work, an important file of your office, a presentation for this project in the University or simply a way of sharing files, whether documents, music or video.

Windows, or rather Microsoft, has of his free services a virtual hard drive that allows us to upload any file to the network and store it in a 100 % virtual space with 25 GB of capacity in this moment. 
The idea is that in an easy manner, easy and quickly you can store high-quality photos, videos, files, spreadsheets and anything that can be on our PC, without you having to be burning your mind when you looking another alternatives for backing up information.

A simple and practical way to keep always supported your information and files in the case that you have a big problem with him when you uploading the files to Internet. Where we have the assurance that a multinational company like Microsoft will protect at all costs.

In this moment we can upload files with a maximum weight of 50 Mb per file and the maximum capacity is 25 GB for save files. 
When Windows Skydrive started in the year 2007, it have something called Windows Folders and was a service which only the testers had access, it had only 5 GB of storage, after a couple of improvements, in 2008 Windows launched the new product as it is known today .

The best of all, you can create groups of users that can access your files, that is, if your accounts with a folder containing Word documents and Excel files you can give privileges to a co worker to access in your Windows Skydrive and can edit these documents at the last minute weekend for the Monday morning that the work done.

Id you need use this feature users who want to create, edit, or delete files must be members of Microsoft Live Groups. 
The only requirement for using Windows Skydrive is found a Hotmail account

A new email client for iOS users

A new email client for iOS users

Apple’s old email app just isn’t enough for some people. A new contender is on the rise.

Apple’s Mail app was a huge deal when it first came out. It was simple to use, but it hard rich features – like easy account setup, photo integration, quick search, a decent spam mail filter, easy integration with every major email service, and more.

But now, Apple Mail is, like Apple’s other primary apps, is exhibiting a gradual quality reduction. Its main problem is that it has a glitch that makes Gmail messages come in a little slower, but that’s a big problem because more than a billion people use Gmail. There are issues, too. Search is sometimes slow and iffy, and it is even worse with a big email inbox. There a lot of little glitches that pop up, too. For instance, sometimes messages get stuck in the email outbox, and you can’t send or delete them.

What’s worse is that Apple hasn’t even tried to solve what other people have attempted to fix: smartly separate different email types, like personal messages versus newsletters. It just looks like spam and allows you to manually label people as important.

So, the end result is that iPad and iPhone users – particularly the big number of people who use Gmail – are looking for new choices, even though the company doesn’t allow people to choose third-party applications as their default app. Let’s take a look at a few of the nicer choices, including a cool one by EasilyDo called Mail.

A couple of the good ones

Some individuals, including myself, have downloaded Google’s native Gmail app on the home screen of their iPhone. But, it’s not all that great. It’s a little wanting, a little wonky, and it doesn’t have a single inbox for several accounts. Others like its colorful relative, Inbox – Gmail-focused app, as well. It still doesn’t have a single inbox, though.

Another great option I love is Airmail, because it is quick, can be customized easily, and it isn’t made just for Gmail. It even has support for old-school POP options, if you still have one you don’t want to get rid of. There is also a version for Mac. Another pretty nice iOS mail app, CloudMagic, just created a version for Mac.

The popular choice

Perhaps the best alternative until now has been Outlook for iOS. We’re all familiar with this old application from Microsoft. The Verge has listed it as their favorite email app for the iPhone. Microsoft acquired an app by the name of Acompli, and they’ve been able to turn it into something great for iOS. Outlook for iOS is very fast, and it does a pretty good (but not perfect) job of bunching the most critical messages into a tab called “Focused”. It has a simplified, unified inbox, does Gmail well, and several others, and it has a very quick, precise search.

The new choice

Now we’re going to look at a new choice. It’s called Mail, and it’s by EasilyDo. The company is notable for creating a smart assistant application. The new app out from EasilyDo does Gmail extremely well, but it isn’t Gmail-focused. When it came out, it could manage all types of accounts except for POP and Exchange, and Exchange is slated to come out in the summer.

The app’s big benefits are its super speed: default, one-tap unsubscribing; quick search; and assistants that pull out, sift, and parse messages having to do with stuff like bills and travel plans. It has a big feature set, too, like a simplified, single inbox, customizable email snoozing, and an undo feature.

Let’s get back to the one-tap unsubscribing. That is a powerful feature.

In the tests I did, EasilyDo’s Mail app met all those claims.

Its first claim is speed. Almost every time I tested it over the last week or so, emails, and particularly the ones sent to my Google accounts, came up quickest in Mail by EasilyDo – even quicker than in the native app for Gmail, or Microsoft Outlook.

Next, I looked at search. It was quick, too, and the keyword I searched for came up in the results list. If you’re trying to find an individual, the results get sorted out into different lists for messages going out and coming into a person.

You can also take back a lot of actions, including email message sending, if you click a big, temporary Undo button in a three-second time window. It worked for me every time I tested it.

The feature I liked most by far was the one-tap unsubscribe. The app has a smart folder, or message list, and it recognizes them as subscriptions. You can easily go through the list and tap an “X” to get unsubscribed from the place it was generated from. You don’t have to search for the unsubscribe button or navigate to a webpage to do it. You’ll even see a tiny animation to let you know that it has taken you off the subscription.

There are more intelligent folders, as well. For example, there’s a travel folder. As soon as I got the app installed, it discovered all the emails about airplane trips and showed me the essential information – like seats, times, and flight numbers – in a card.

There’s even a smart folder exclusively for emails that have attachments, so you can access them faster.

I have to note that Google’s native Gmail app has something like that with smart folders with their smart categories for finance, purchases, travel, and more.


Unless you never use Gmail, are a light-use emailer, and mainly use iCloud, I suggest you go with a different choice than Apple Mail for iOS. Maybe you have one you really like, but I believe the Mail app by EasilyDo is a great choice. There’s a version for iPad coming out in the autumn and a version for Android coming out later this year.

Right now, Apple has a choice: They can either up their email game in a big way, or they can let people pick a default app – or let them do both.

Close Hotmail Account

Close Hotmail Account

Maybe now you’re bored, or in some cases someone has stole your account or you don´t  want to have so many emails, whatever the reason, we’ll teach how to close a Hotmail.com account.

If you are looking for this tutorial is for one reason, you tried to leave the account but don´t  have effect, because is you don´t open for more than 90 days, however, the only thing that we have is only suspend the account, because after this time on 90 days, and we following an any protocol we can also become to restore the account.
Our technical team was created this tutorial to give you all the steps to close down that Hotmail account.

The first thing we do is log on to our Hotmail account, after that we must go to the part where our look your name (upper right), there we will see that when you click a menu shortcut, then we click on the option “Account ” after that we must open the new window and then click on option ” Close Account “.

We will see many options, one of them say warning that an also it impending close of the account and the consequence is loss an important information for example emails, messages, contacts and other relevant information, schedules, as attachments, appointments, folders, etc..

Once that we are sure that we eliminate forever the account, we will click on the option “Close my Hotmail account”

Key Bank Online Banking

Key Bank Online Banking

Key Bank is a bank headquartered in Cleveland. Key Bank has over 1,000 branches located in the states of Colorado, Ohio, Alaska, Washington, Vermont, Utah, Oregon, Maine, Michigan, New York, Idaho, and Indiana. Key offers banking services to personal, business, and investment customers. Key Bank is the 22nd-largest bank in the U.S. when measured by total deposits. Key Bank’s holding company, Keycorp, was founded in 1994 with the merger of Cleveland’s Society Corporation and Albany’s Old Keycorp (formerly the Commercial Bank of Albany).

How To Login To Key Bank

Step 1- Navigate to the sign-on page.

Step 2- Provide your User ID and Password and click ‘Sign On’

Key Bank customers can check their balance and transfer funds if they enroll in Online Banking. Customers can also check their balance over text message if they sign up for Text Banking.

How To Enroll in Key Bank Online Banking

Step 1 — Go to the ‘Enroll in Online Banking’ page.

Step 2 — Click ‘Let’s Get Started’ and then select whether you want to enroll with a business or a personal account. Provide this information:

  • Social Security Number
  • Last four digits of ATM card number
  • PIN
  • Email address

Step 3 — After you fill out this information, hit ‘Continue’ and you will be taken to pages where you will agree to the terms and conditions of Key Bank online banking and create your User ID, Password, and secret questions.


Key Bank Credit Cards | Personal | Business

Key Bank issues MasterCard credit cards for both personal banking and small business customers. Key offers both standard cards and card with rewards packages to qualified customers.

Key Bank Personal Credit Cards

  • Rewards
  • Platinum

Key Bank Business Credit Cards

  • Business
  • Business Rewards

How To Apply For Key Bank Credit Cards

Credit card applications can be filled out online. Questions about Key’s credit card offerings can be answered by phone at 1 (888) 539-1234 for personal cards or 1 (888) 539-4249 for business customers.

Key Bank Online Application

To apply for a Key Bank credit card, follow one of the links above and then select the card you wish to apply for. Click the ‘Apply Now’ button next to your chosen card to start filling out an application. You will then be asked for this information:

Hit ‘Continue’ and you will be taken to pages where you will provide account information and confirm your application.Personal Information

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Number of dependents
  • Address Information
    • Street address
    • Apartment/suite number
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Do you own or rent your primary residence?
    • Length of time at current address
    • Are you a U.S. citizen?
    • Are you a temporary resident in another country?
  • Identification Information
    • Social Security Number
    • Type of identification
  • Type of employment


Key Bank Routing Number

Key Bank offers both international and domestic wire transfer services through its Key Total Treasury program. An overview and demo of the wire transfer system can be found here. The terms and conditions for Key Bank wires are located at this page.

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Key Bank Routing Number

  • Alaska – 125200879
  • Buffalo
    ABA — 022000839
    Wire Transfer — 021300077
  • Colorado — 307070267
  • Hudson Valley New York
    ABA (Ordering Checks): 021906934
    Wire Transfer & ACH Routing: 021300077
  • Florida
    ABA — 067014181
    Wire Transfer — 041001039
  • Columbus Ohio
    ABA — 044000642
    Wire Transfer — 041001039
  • Idaho – 124101555
  • NE Ohio — 041001039
  • Central Indiana
    ABA — 074001048
    Wire Transfer — 041001039
  • NW Ohio
    ABA — 041200089
    Wire Transfer — 041001039
  • Northern Indiana
    ABA — 071200538
    Wire Transfer — 041001039
  • SW Ohio
    ABA — 042200295
    Wire Transfer — 041001039
  • Kentucky
    ABA — 042200295
    Wire Transfer — 041001039
  • Oregon — 123002011
  • Maine — 011200608
  • Utah — 124000737
  • Michigan
    ABA — 072401048
    Wire Transfer — 041001039
  • Vermont — 211672531 
  • Albany – 021300077
  • Washington — 125000574

Swift Code


Routing Number On Check

Routing numbers are used by banks to track wire transfers. They are also necessary for setting up direct deposits to your bank account. Your routing number can be found on the bottom left of the checks supplied by your bank, as seen in the image below. The routing number is the first nine numbers on the bottom of the check.

Key Bank Wire Funds

To originate a wire online, log in to Key Total Treasury and then select the ‘Wires’ tab. Click ‘Create Wire’. Next, select whether you want to send an internal wire , a domestic wire, or an international wire. For a domestic wire, you will need to provide this information:

Target bank ABA number

Beneficiary Account Information:

  • Account number
  • Account name
  • Message to beneficiary
  • Message to bank
  • Notify beneficiary by (method of communication)
  • Amount to transfer
  • Date to transfer

How to Wire Internationally Key BanK

To send money internationally, you follow the same set of steps, but you will have to provide different beneficiary information. For international wires, you will have to provide:

Beneficiary Information

  • Country
  • Currency
  • SWIFT Code
  • Account number
  • Account name
  • Message
  • Amount to transfer
  • Date to transfer

How to Utilize Gmail’s Hidden Labels

How to Utilize Gmail’s Hidden Labels

Gmail’s use of labels is one of its most distinguishing characteristics and probably one of the handiest. The ability Gmail has to separate your incoming mail into various groups like promotional emails, emails from social networks and important ones, makes it much easier to manage your email. But did you know that there are custom labels you can create and some hidden ones that you may want to make use of as well.

Searching for Labeled Email Basics

Some people spend far too much time managing their email because they aren’t aware of how powerful Gmail actually is. You can choose any label that you create or that has already been created by Google and display those emails. For example is:unread will show you everything that you have not marked as read or opened, in:sent will show you emails that you have sent and any other label that you can think of, you can type after the in: and it will display those emails without you having to click on the category on the left sidebar.

Using Gmail’s Hidden Labels Most Effectively


There are so many useful operators that you can do almost anything in Gmail if you know how to which one to type. For example, what if you want to know which emails were CCed to you? You can use cc:me. You can also use in:anywhere if you want to search all of your folders at once including the spam folders to trash folders and more. This is very useful when you know you have an email out there somewhere and you’ve no idea where might be. You can also see emails that don’t have Labels by using the operator has:nouserlabels.

What if you want to combine labels? All you do is type in one operator after the other. For example you can use the operator label:work and before:date in order to see all of the emails before that particular date that were labeled work; if you want to reverse a search then you simply put a – before it. Interestingly, many of these will also work with Craigslist and Google search.

Google is pretty good at knowing which of your emails are going to be important and which are not – and your email usually errs on the side of caution anyway. If you want to search through important emails for something then you can use the operator is:important and is:unimportant – or you can use the – mentioned earlier. For someone who gets the massive amount of emails using the operators is:important and is:unread is a great way to find important emails that you haven’t opened yet and that may have slipped through the cracks.

You have probably noticed that Gmail sorts your email into different categories. By default you should have primary, social and promotions. You can add other categories as well. For example if you get a lot of form updates and you want them to all be placed in one area you can sort them. You can also search them that way so that if you are after a particular email and it comes in one of those categories or has one of those labels you can narrow down your search.

A couple of last-minute ones that are pretty important and useful include the operator has:attachment if you only want to look at emails that something has been attached to. Notice this will include your sent emails unless you tell it not to include your sent emails. You can also use has:circle if you want to look at emails that come from people within your Google plus circles.

Finally if you use multicolored stars to separate important emails you can use is: yellow-star, green-star, purple-star and many others to search within those particular labels. You can also use is:starred if you just want to look at starred emails in general.

With these commands at your fingertips, you should be able to find anything you need within seconds. These are extremely powerful operators that can be used to narrow down searches easily but they are not the only ones that are out there. See Gmail help for an entire list of operators.

How to Change your Display Name on Gmail

How to Change your Display Name on Gmail

You can change your display name on Gmail  – the name seen by the recipients when sending your emails.  This method of changing your display name in Gmail is only for emails sent from gmail desktop login and will not sync with all devices such as Android or iPhone . This method also does not control how your contacts have saved your display name in their address book.

  1. Log into your Gmail account then click the gear
  2. Go to the Accounts tab In Settings,.
  3. Select the Edit Info link next to the account you would like to update where it says Send Mail As:,
  4. Click the button next to the second option below Name:, type your desired display name and Save Changes.

The primary username for gmail is the name that is chosen when you first create a new email account. If you create your gmail account using a Google+ account with an alternate email address such as a hotmail email address or a yahoo email address, your primary username will automatically be changed to the [email protected]. All of your email notifications will be sent to the primary email address that is set.

When using gmail you have the option to enter as many alternate email address as you would like for your email access. If you want to promote one of these other email addresses to be the primary user name in the future, you will first need to remove the alternate address from your existing email address list and then create a new account that uses the alternate email address for the primary username.

There are a number of different reasons that you may want to change your primary username for your gmail account. Perhaps you signed up for a gmail account with a company name that you no longer use or you chose a name with a nickname that is not professional or is no longer relevant. No matter what the reason for wanting to change your primary username, there are certain steps that must be taken in order to do so.

Notes about Gmail Accounts

When creating your gmail account your username is the full email address that is used. This means that if you want to change your primary display name of the account you are going to need to change or delete the email that is currently linked to the account in order to change the username.

If you are currently using gmail for your google account you will not be able to change your gmail username once it is registered. You can delete gmail from the account and then use a different non-gmail email address for the google account. You may also simply create a new google account using a different username. If gmail is not used for your google account you will be able to change your username at any time using a new email address as long as you delete the email from your existing account first.


Adding Alternate Email Addresses

  1. First, log into your gmail account
  2. Once logged in, click on the drop down arrow located next to you profile picture and then click on account.
  3. Click on the edit tab located next to email addresses. Next, enter the alternate email address that you want to use located under the tab “change associated emails.”
  4. Click Save
  5. Return to the inbox and then find the verification message has arrived indicating new changes to your account. Open this message and then click the link in order to confirm the change that you made.
  6. Recheck your email to view the confirmation message.

Deleting and Creating a Gmail Account Using a New Primary Username

If you need to create a new account with a new primary user name you will need to follow these steps.


  1. Go to the main page of gmail and log into your current account. Click the account button located in the drop down menu by your profile picture. Find the edit button located next to email addresses and then click remove to delete the alternate email address that you are planning to use as your new primary username. This step is only necessary if you have already added the alternative email address to your account.
  2. Next, sign out of your gmail account and then click on sign up from the main screen.
  3. Fill out the form with the required information, including name, birth date, gender, and your desired username and your password. Enter the required words for the Captcha box and then click on next step.
  4. Enter your phone number for verification and then choose how you would like to receive your confirmation code, either by text message or with a phone call.
  5. Sign into your gmail account using your new primary user name and by entering the verification code that you received.
  6. Return to your account page and add any alternate email address you wish to be associated with your account.

Creating a New Username for Gmail

If you simply want to change your username for your gmail account you can do this quite simply. First, log into your gmail account. You will then go to the account settings tab located next to your profile. Click on the edit information button and find the circle located under the gmail name that you currently use. Simply enter the new name that you would like to be shown and then click on the save changes. You will need to confirm the changes that you make through a confirmation email that will be sent to you.

If you want to change your username for all of your google accounts you will need to first access your google plus account. Click on the home tab and then profile. Click on your current username to edit. Find the more options tab and enter your new gmail account information. You can then see how your gmail name will look by clicking on the display my name as tab. Then click on the save button. A new window will appear and you can click on the rename button in order to confirm the changes.

If for any reason you decide that you want to change your display name in gmail it is possible to do so by following the steps provided above. These steps are fairly simple to follow. If you are not using gmail for your account the steps are fairly easy. If you are currently using a gmail account and want to rename it you will first have to delete the account in order to change the username.

How to Consolidate your Email Addresses in Gmail

How to Consolidate your Email Addresses in Gmail

If you are like most people chances are you currently have more than one email account. While there are benefits to having multiple accounts, there may come a time when you decide to simplify and just use one email account for all of your emailing needs.

If you have decided that the time to simplify is now, you may want to consider moving all of your emails to Google’s web based email or gmail. One of the main reasons to choose gmail is because it is not just an email host, it is also an email client. With Google you will be able to get emails from any number of external services and consolidate them in your gmail inbox. This means that you do not have to worry about emails that are going to your old email address and you do not have to notify every contact you have to let them know your email address has changed.

There are a couple of options available for you if you want to move all of your emails to your gmail account. One option is to use the mail fetcher from Gmail and the other option is to forward all your mail from another address to your gmail account automatically.

Using Gmail’s Mail Fetcher

It is likely that your current email provider offers a POP access for retrieving mail from it. The mail fetcher from Gmail can get these messages using the POP and then display the messages in your inbox alongside the emails that come directly to your gmail account. You can get emails in your gmail account from up to 5 other email addresses using this system in gmail.

In order to use the mail fetcher you will need to make sure that your old email account offers POP access. To determine if the old account offers POP access you will need to check the account settings or contact customer support. You will need the POP server address, the port, and your username and password for the account. You will also need to sign up for a gmail account if you have not done so already.

When you are logged on to your gmail account you can then configure the mail fetcher to retrieve any messages from your old account by following these steps:

  1. Click settings while in gmail
  2. Click on accounts
  3. Click on the get mail tab located in the other accounts section. Here you can add a new mail account, up to 5.
  4. Enter the email address of the account you want access to and then click on the next step icon.
  5. When possible gmail will fill in the POP server, username, and other port fields. You will then enter your password for the account.
  6. If you are only going to check email through gmail you can uncheck the box that says “leave copy of retrieved messages on server. If you are only using gmail as a backup and want to still be able to use the other software to access your mail make sure that this box remains checked.
  7. Click on any other options you want and then click on add account. If any of the settings are incorrect you will receive an error message and you will need to fix the problem.

Automatically Forwarding Messages to Gmail

The other option for consolidating your email into a central gmail account is to have your emails directly forwarded to gmail. This is the only option available if your former email address does not have POP access. It is also the best option if you have more than 5 former email addresses that you want to consolidate through gmail.

The steps for forwarding email to gmail will vary based on the account. If the email provider you are using offers an auto-forwarding feature you will find it under your account options tab.

Writing Messages

Once you have all of your email going to a single gmail account you may want to still use the different addresses when you are replying to your emails. If you have several different online personas that you want to keep, but want to access each of them through gmail, you can use different from addresses when you are sending out emails. To change the from address on your email when replying follow these steps:

  1. Click settings located at the top of the page and then select the accounts tab.
  2. Click on the add a new email address located in the send mail as tab.
  3. Enter your name in the name field and the email address that you want to send messages from into the email address area.
  4. Click on the next step tab and then the send verification.
  5. A verification message will be sent to your email address to confirm that you want it added to your gmail account. If you have this email setup to come to your gmail account it will appear in your inbox.
  6. Click on the link provided in the email or enter the confirmation code in order to complete the setup process.

Once the account has been verified you will then be able to send emails from your gmail account using the new email address. When you next compose an email you will be able to choose the email address you want the new email to come from by using the dropdown list that is available.

You should know that your gmail address will also be included in the headers from your message. This is to prevent emails from being marked as spam. While most email clients do not display the sender field, there are some that do.

Consolidating your email into a central gmail account is really quite simple and it can alleviate some of the stress involved in maintaining several email accounts at once.

Login Gmail App on Android/iOS Device

Login Gmail App on Android/iOS Device

As an issue of security reasons, you may have seen that you will dependably require entering in an email id while joining purposes or for some other purposes to keep your own information safe. All things considered, how can it protect it? The simplest approach to clarify that is the procedure that the framework takes you through while you are utilizing an email id for sign in or sign in. All you data is sent to the server without a doubt however as a safety effort, an email is likewise sent straightforwardly to the email id that you give and afterward you need to login into the email that you gave.

And after that what you need to do is sign into the email and check for an email from where you needed to sign in and in greatest case, you will see another security step where you won’t have the capacity to react once again into the email from where the email is sent. The sent email is unquestionably for a security reason, yet how it works, I will be clarifying it underneath:

  • One wellbeing measure the email id takes it that it gives you an alternative login message which you need to tap on promotion affirmed that your, yourself have entered the email, and you are certain that you need to sign into the goal site.
  • The other wellbeing highlight that takes after is where you need to enter your email id, and after you affirm your email, you will be informed by a message that you need to check your email for a conformational code or confirmational email. Which you can just check by signing in into your email.

Thus with this 2 essential methods for affirming your email it has turned out to be anything but difficult to guard your record or profile points of interest with you. There can be a ton of different approaches to affirm your record information exchange too which makes your signing in substantially more secure. Be that as it may, now you may ask, is it still sheltered while login in with various gadgets? Well with all the features that you should give inside your program or your inherent application on your gadgets that you utilize and Android being the main OS, which is being use in a considerable measure of gadgets like cell phone and tablets can be significantly more secure even more secure than any program.

What’s more, in email premise, Gmail being the best mail specialist organization works flawlessly with Android. What’s more, Gmail.Com and Android being the result of one and just Google makes both the item considerably more eco-accommodating for your Android device you are utilizing. Both of this item can be synchronize together to furnish you with a phenomenal administration wot the client. Presently let me take you through an inside and out examination on how you can simply sign in to your Gmail specifically from your Android gadget and furthermore how you can synchronize your Gmail.Com record to your android account. Along these lines, let get down with the procedure.


How to open Gmail Account on Android Phone

To open Gmail account on your Android device, all you need to follow the steps here down below:

Step 1: To open Gmail account on your Android device, all you need to do is open the settings from your menu and then go to accounts on your Android device.

Step 2: Now, after going to your accounts setting the screen will display your current sync and lists of your current accounts.

Step 3: After that, you need to click Add Account.

Step 4: Now, click on Google to add Google Apps account on your device.

Step 5: You will be asked to sign into your Google Account on your Android device.

Step 6:  Now, you need to enter your email address as a username and then enter the password on your Android device.

Step 7: Now, lastly enjoy using the Gmail app on your Android device quickly.

How to Open Gmail Account on your iOs Device

To open a Gmail  Account on your iOs device then you need to follow some few steps which I will mention here down below:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to go to the settings on your iOs device and go directly to the “Mail, Contacts, Calenders” section.

Step 2: Now, click on Add account button.

Step 3: After that, type your Gmail address under the Email option and enter your password.

Step 4: Now, give some description like Khaleesi Gmail.

Step 5: After that, you need to press the button on top of the screen, and a new message will pop up saying they are unable to verify the email address then you can hit the cancel button.

Step 6: Now, type m.google.com in the new server box which will show up on top of the screen and click on next button.

Features of Gmail:

Well, before you go through this review, about how to Create Gmail Account or Gmail Login. You need to know it’s features which I will mention here down below:

The first feature of Gmail is the filter, which allows you to enable to organize your email in various ways like you can send emails. This filter is very easy to set up, and if you have once set up the screen, you can quickly discover many ways to make your email inbox easier to sort out.
The second feature is the Keyboard Shortcuts, as you know in every Windows operating Software they have their set of keyboard shortcuts. Well, even in Gmail you can find such kind of features in it. With the help of this feature, you will be able to go through your email pretty quickly.
The third feature of Gmail is that you can schedule your email where you can send it later or send it now. Suppose, you wanted to send the mail, but later in the morning and for this you can set a date for sending your emails and save it.
It has the storage facility which has storage space for 1GB, through which you can store as much as emails you want it.
It also has different language support in which you can send your emails through various languages like English, Dutch, Chinese and much more.

Finally, you have successfully created your Gmail account on your iOs device.

So, guys, in the above review are the guides to Gmail Login on your Android device and iOs device. So, it is very easy to use and open new Gmail account all you need to follow the steps which are given in the above.

How to Get Gmail App on Android

Not at all like working on a program and login in each time you get into the program, you should sign in each time you escape the program. On an Android gadget, you will either need to dispatch the default program and sign in. Or, on the other hand you need to sign in with the default Gmail application, or you need to Install an application that will give you access to the Gmail through an Android Gmail App, which will be accessible at the Google Play Store.

Using Android Default/3rdparty Browser To Get Gmail Login In Android:

  • the main thing that you should do is open up the program and sort in https://mail.google.com to get into the Gmail login page.
  • Presently in the event that you as of now have a Gmail account, at that point you should enter in the email and afterward the secret word and after that tap on login. ( to keep your record signed in then you should tap on recollect me or keep me signed in whichever is accessible to you).

Using Android Gmail App To Get Gmail Login In Android:

  • As a matter of first importance, you should download and introduce the Gmail application on the off chance that it isn’t accessible on your Android gadget.
  • Since you are finish with giving the login points of interest of your Gmail you will then need to catch up with few of the Android gadget synchronizing with the Gmail account.
  • The following thing that you will see is the synchronizing window that will take a while; you should sit tight for a couple of moments till the synchronization closes.
  • At the point when the synchronizing closes you will get a warning that your Android gadget has been synchronize with your Android gadget.
  • Since your Android gadget is synchronize with your Gmail account you will likewise be informe if get any new email in your Gmail account.

What’s more, that is it; this is that it is so natural to get Gmail Login in Android gadget and furthermore how the Www.Gmail.Com application can be synchronize to get all the most recent messages in your Gmail id.

Expectation you loved this guide on the best way to get Gmail Login in Android gadget through Gmail App and furthermore on the android gadget. Thank for perusing and appreciate.

Create Gmail Account in Android Mobile Phones

Create Gmail Account in Android Mobile Phones

This day emails are very important to every one of us let it be for official use or personal use. Nowadays many notifications come through emails most of the time as now it is an era of technology. But there are many email services on the web these days like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. This all email service gives many features for which people are using this email services. But the main thing is which is the best one? If we come on the best one, then there is nothing better than Google product that is Gmail. Yes, Gmail is one of the best email services till date and most people prefer to use Gmail other than using other email services like Hotmail, etc. Here below are the steps that will help you to create Gmail account in Android phone easily.

Now for using Gmail email service the first and the main thing is to create an email account in Gmail. It is very easy to create Gmail account through PC because in PC it is very clear just you need to go to their official site and then give your information in their respective boxes and then simply create an account within a minute. But if it comes to create Gmail account in Android mobile then it is something different because the whole steps will be different here. So having a problem to create Gmail account in Android mobile? Don’t worry here you will have a perfect guide of how to create Gmail account in Android Mobile.

Create Gmail Account in Android Mobile

Here below are the steps that will help you to create Gmail account with your android phone easily. Yes, the steps are easy enough, don’t worry you will easily follow it Because Google has also looked upon making the steps easy for creating Gmail account for all the Android phone or tablet users as Android is also a product of Google

First, You will have to install Gmail genuine apps on your Android phone to create Gmail account easily. So go to Google Play Store and then search for Gmail in the search box. Now click on the install button and then get the app successfully installed on your Android phone.

Now click on the app and open it after installing it on your Android phone.

Click on the “Menu” button which is symbolized by three strips on the justify corner of the screen. On clicking on it, you will see menu popping out from the corner of your mobile screen.

In the Pop-out menu click on the drop down option like shown in the image below.

Click on the “+Add account” and then you will see a pop up on your screen. Now click on the “Google” that is the first option. This will take you to a new window.

Now if you don’t have any then click on the “New” button.

After clicking on the “New” button you will again go to the new window and now you will have to give your name. Both your “First Name” and “Last Name” and click on the next button which is symbolized as “right arrow”

Now give your username that is your email name. remember this is very important because if you forget it then you will not be able to login to your email account.

It will take you some time for loading. After some time you will have password box on your Android phone screen. So give your password and then re-type it in the box below and then click on the next button.

Now set up a recovery option. If you want then you can click on “Set up recovery options” or if you don’t want any recovery then simply click on “Not now” option.

The steps are almost to finish. Here in this new window, you will need to accept the terms and condition of Google. So click on the “I accept” button.

Now this will take you some time to set up your new Gmail account. And after some time you will have your email on your mobile.

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